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Posted on: December 31, 2010 1:57 pm

Unsportsmanlike conduct needs to be abolished

The reason I do believe unsportsmanlike conduct needs to be abolished is not because the penalty is to prevent players from having absurd celebrations, but because it's so inconsistently enforced in both the NCAA and NFL. Last night in the Pinstripe Bowl, a K-State player was flag for unsportsmanlike conduct for saluting towards the stands. However, I've have seen numerous times in the college football players pointing towards the stands, or holding the number 1 sign towards the stands, and rarely there is a penalty thrown for that. Is there any major difference in terms of celebrating by either pointing or saluting towards the stands? No. 

The NFL is just as bad. During a Rams game earlier during the season, a Rams player twisted the ball out of his hands on the sideline after making a catch. He wasn't even doing it on purpose in terms of celebrating. He was just twisting out of his hands on his way back to the huddle. But the NFL refs at the game flag him for unsportsmanlike conduct and literally canceled out the play. While during the season we see numerous spikes in the end-zone, or Michael Vick dunking the ball through the goal post. No flags are thrown for that. That shows how inconsistent these refs have become with this rule. How is Vick dunking the ball through the goal post in Dallas not unsportsmanlike conduct? The penalty has become a joke as the NFL refs randomly call it just to remind people it exists.

These are a few examples of the refs in both leagues being so inconsistent with the rule. That's why it should be abolish. Each ref seems to have it's own definition of what's unsportsmanlike conduct. I don't see anything wrong with players celebrating when they make a touchdown with a spike or a dance. The only time I support this rule is when it way over the top and literally delaying the game. For example, Chad Ocho getting on the camera stand after a touchdown and filming the stands is delaying the game and he should be flag for that. That was so uncalled for, and he is literally holding things up for his shenanigans. Otherwise, this rule is so pointless as it is inconsistent and players should have a right to have a little celebration once a while that both the NCAA and NFL should abolish it. 
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