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Posted on: July 27, 2011 9:54 am

Super Conferences is the future of the NCAAF

In relation to Dodd's column, it looks like the Big 12 will fold in the future and super conferences will emerge. The only way the Big 12 can survive is they have to acquire a couple of more schools. The only candidates will probably come from either the WAC or MWC with schools like Utah, BYU, or Boise State. Otherwise, a smaller conference like the current state of the Big 12 is becoming outdated. A championship game brings in more revenue, and national media attention which is the route the Big 10 and PAC 10 took. Considering that the Big 12 is now the new Big 10, and with Texas basically controlling the conference, it looks like the conference will fold due to the loss of revenue and other schools displeasure of Texas basically controlling the conference now.

That basically leaves several good teams out in the open which leaves conferences like the Big 10, Big East, and the PAC 10 coming in and creating their super-conferences in football. We already have a super conference in basketball with the Big East, so it seems probable that it'll happen in football.  Teams like Mizzou, Kansas, and Iowa State will probably get picked up by the Big 10. Unfortunately Mizzou is the only good football program of the three, but at least Mizzou and Kansas can make the Big 10 a super conference in basketball too. The Big 10 already has a strong football and basketball presence, so adding those three will help strengthen both sports. While Iowa State doesn't bring much to the table, they at least keep the old Big 8 rivalries, and  Iowa State will keep their rivalry against Iowa, and be able to create a decent rivarly against Illinois when it comes to geography. That goes for Mizzou too as they have a couple of out of conference rivalries against Iowa and Illinois.

In regards to the South Teams, I see the Sooners and Cowboys get picked up by the Big East. They already have TCU, so why not add both OK teams to get the football conference on the right track. In regards to Texas schools, I can see the PAC 10 expanding their presence into the state, or possibly the SEC. Right now I feel like the SEC doesn't want to expand. The Longhorns will probably become independent, or at least in football. They basically have their own network, and they already have one of the strongest brands and areas to recruit from in the country.

Overall I don't like to see the Big 12 to be split up, but once Nebraska left, and other schools feel like they are being controlled by the University of Texas, I can't see this conference survive in the long run. My whole predictions is based on what seems probable when the Big 12 breaks up. The possibilities seem endless, but considering where things are going in College Football, this seems most likely right now.
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